Wednesday, August 24, 2011

WHAT? WW isn't coming this Wednesday??!!!

No, it's not. I feel this is very over due. A little house update/after pics, woooo hoooo!

Remember these?!

Our apartment is coming along quite nicely :) I've learned a lot about how to organize space and what works where. I have definitely made some mistakes and at times our apartment feels smaller than it is but I still love it. When decorating I knew I wanted to go neutral and we did just that. We have a lot of gray and white and we know how much I love white.

Tray is West Elm 
coffee table Ikea for 30 doll hairs, such a deal!

Our Kitchen…We could have put a bigger "island" or even a table there but we like the open space
island if from Ikea also 30$

and because we put our table here in a little nook :)
W.E. we got it on sale for 120$
Our temp "chairs" are from Crate and Barrel for about 17$ each and I actually really like them we move them around the house a lot!

Lamp is from home goods for 50$, a steal as well! 
Side table Ikea 10$ 

I can't get a good picture of our whole living space because of the windows and how the light comes in…I should try at night

WE rug 20$

Couch Ikea
 Pillows are coming soon :) I absolutely love them and will update when they're here!
Rug WE too :)

Hub's mom's friends (mouthful) got us those fabulous waterford chalices. We are waiting for a perfect night to have a couple margs in them, so fancy and fun and medieval!
Other: plates, bowls, place mats, napkins, napkin holder, tea light holder…all WE

I love decorating :) It is so fun but I'm always seeing things that I need. Yes, need (I wish!). Hubs told me the other day that it's so hard to say no to me and that now he knows what my dad went through ;) 
But on the real, I am very budget conscious (especially because we're working hard for our monies) and even though having to say no to things breaks my heart, I know someday I'll have the perfect house with everything I will ever want or need. 

In the meantime I can dream...

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