Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Lets Get Sappy

I just had dinner with two girls whom I met through hubs friends. 
It really makes me miss my friends from home and school like La, Meg, Em, Jo and Blair. I think about them all the time and how much they have influenced me and what good great friends they really are. They have all pushed me and kept me in check, helped me find my keys even if it is the fourth time they've gone missing that day (right BJ?!) and been AH-MAZING role models in my life. These are friends I will have for life and the memories made with them are irreplaceable. I was going through pictures before I left Chicago and Laura, you are literally in all of my pictures growing up! It is so funny to look back and see who we have become, I am definitely proud of both of us :) 

Making new friends is always hard. Maybe even harder when you're newly married in a city where he already has friends.  I met Kait and Mindy through hubs friends and had dinner with them. It has been so great to have girls who are so inviting and friendly and I realized how lucky I was to make new friends like this. 

Here's to beach days with new friends :)
...and old when you come visit!

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