Friday, October 7, 2011


I have been sooooo busy…you know, hanging by the beach, playing in the sand, laying by the pool, tubing in the lazy river, watching movies, snuggling, playing with "squiggies," having imaginary birthday parties with puppies annndddddd spending time with my most favorite person (sorry hubs!)

I have just been having too much fun with this little diva to post.

More pictures to come later :)

Monday, October 3, 2011

Mo' Money, Mo' {shoe} Problems

I like shoes, no girl can have too many pairs. Which may explain my ever growing "collection."
I just can't help it:)

Last week I went to Lilly P. to exchange the turtle plates I got for Lily because they got elephant ones in! So cute. And then I shopped a little. I got these T.B. flats and they are a pinkish-nude. They go perfect with almost any skinny jean outfit :)

I also COULD NOT pass up these adorable boots! They hug my leg so perfectly and are super comfy. For only 200 doll hairs I took them home.

Shoes :)

Happy Monday! Enjoying my family and my Lily who is getting so big!

Friday, September 30, 2011


...make me happy!
Tonight I work, tomorrow is a big city block party with girlfriends, and Sunday we look at a house and I leave for Myrtle Beach to meet all my lady-family :) 
Today I feel lucky, loved, and a whole lot of happy!

There isn't a happier looking laugh :)

my favorite treat :)

Happy weekend!!!

Thursday, September 29, 2011


How adorable right?? I saw these on pintrest:

So I thought um easy I can do this. I showed hubs and he said he would like to eat one so of course I want to make them for him. 
 I will admit I'm not the best cook/baker. One time I made an angel food cake with tartar sauce instead of creme of tartar, yuck! With that being said I always give my best effort, I had no idea creme of tartar and tartar sauce were different?!?!

Since this lovely jar-cake looks pretty self explanatory I just tried it and here's what happened:

 First I went and bought these adorable jars that I'm thinking are better for jam or jelly...

 I used this cake mix...

 and got to werk...
 with my adorable mixer that my momma bought for me :)

I mixed the neon food colors in the batter.

 And then put them in the jars...

 If you put in too much and put them on the bottom shelf this is what will happen...

a burnt over-flow…yuckkkkk

but like I said I always give it my best effort so I tried again and put in a little less...

aren't the colors amazing??

 making sure they are cooked ;) kinda look like colorful boogers, you're welcome.

they still over flowed! 


the last batch I tried came out best, 3rd times the charm :) 
colorful and not over flowed

worst to best

spoon the top off,

put a little frosting on it and wah-la!

I later learned you are supposed to put water in a pan and put the jars in that and bake…I should have read directions, silly me!

I'll let you know if hubs likes them :)

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

I keep forgetting...

about Wedding Wednesday! Sorries! One thing we missed on our wedding was eating cake!! We only got to taste it when we had the first bite which is a story all in itself. Our cake was so yummy and we even broke into our 1 year cake early just to have some!

wait why didn't anyone explain how to do this?!?

I guess we'll just cut it???

 I had no idea where the plate was or how we were supposed to "feed" each other the cake sooooooo... 

this is what happened...

love you hubs :) 

This is when we got into the top that is supposed to be saved for the one year anniversary. We shared it with my grandma, aunt, and mom. My grandma still talks about our wedding whenever I talk to her and says she wants to do it again because she had so much fun :) Thanks g-ma
Happy Wednesday
 I made something I saw on Pintrest…can't wait to share tomorrow!