Monday, August 22, 2011

Just another manic Mondayyyy

Not really. But I have a fun week of posts ahead and I won't be skipping a day! Today is something I love: Flea Markets/Farmers Markets

Hubs and I stopped at a HUGE flea market yesterday. And when I say HUGE I mean it…we didn't even see the whole thing!
some had just junk...

but to any kid,

this is like a candy store!!

he touched almost every dirty box of toys…

 And thennnnnn…
there was pretty jewlery. Can I remind you we are very close to Mexico so many things are Mexican inspired. The booth next to this was selling pesos for a dollar…

Looking back I wish we had gotten this, so pretty in pink.

This "artist" reminded me of Italy. He made these from spray paint and the first time I ever saw art like this was in Italia :)

Lake house dayzzz…I learned to slalom on a Kidder just like the purple one

If you like blown glass please skip the next couple pictures :)

Now this booth comes with a story. Hubs and his oldest brother have a weird thing for blown glass. They think its really cool while I think its VERY tacky. He took a trip to FL keys with two of his brothers and came back with 4 little glass figurines. He told me I could pick 1. Um, no thank you but what a thoughtful gift, you good gift giver, you!!

Don't you worry, they did not make it out to SD with us ;)

Barbie <3 Diego
No words.

I mean who makes all these?! 

My grandma used to have these at her house and I loved them! They have smaller and smaller and smaller dolls inside them. I wanted to get one and send it to her.

I loved these vintage suitcases. I just recently saw in a Mag how they painted them white (or whatever color) redid the inside if they were old and used them as storage from under the bed! If you can get them at a good price it's worth it.
I also thought if they were pretty flat, you could again paint them or not paint them depending on your color scheme and the color of the suitcases and glue them together stacked and staggered maybe use a piece of glass on top and use it as a side table :) 

I saw a couple booths with these stones. They would look very cute on a bookcase or shelf. They need to be polished a little because they were dull but for 5$…a steal.

I loved these old cameras…I wish I knew more about them so I could buy one and use it! If they don't work they could be used as a good book stop too :)
P.S. doesn't that old video camera look like the one they used in Wild America, the movie with JTT. I can remember watching that movie all.the.time.

Now I don't know if I would ever buy a rug from here. I wouldn't want it to have bugs because that would just be bad and I think that cow rug might be 100% real which makes me sad. Nonetheless, it's a super popular trend right now at West Elm and on Jonathan Adler's site. They are a bit expensive at these two sites but here I'm sure you could get it for dirt cheap. I didn't ask because I didn't want him to think I was interested…they like to sell hard when there's a possible purchase you know what I mean? 

He's hubs, oh so happy to be leaving!

My favorite booth was a lady selling cactus and herbs.

I bought a Chive plant because I make a DE-lish reciepe with them…they one you were supposed to see last Friday, you'll see it on here Thursday. 
And I bought 4 little cactus plants. Two of which were potted in these very cute hanging bubbles from W.E. and the other two you'll see tomorrow (DIY project) ;) 

I know these aren't the best pictures and I only took a couple but I kept getting so side tracked by things I liked and booths I wanted to see! Next weekend when I go back I will make sure you get to see all the wonderful things I saw!

Happy start to the week!!

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