Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Wedding Wednesday

"After pictures" coming soon!
Tune in tomorrow to find out what I've been up to!

So every Wednesday I'll try to post a little bit about our wedding…and when I run out I'll post on other weddings or some DIY projects!
Even though I wasn't the best wedding planner and I'm not going to lie it wasn't my favorite thing to do it made me creative and gave me something to do other than my teaching job at the time. I lived with my parents while planning the wedding so keeping busy was a must ;)
Now that its over I miss the magazines and I can't even bring myself cancel the junk emails I get from the website daily (I don't even read them)!

I did a lot of DIY projects that were fun. My favorite project and the thing I'm the most proud of was our place cards. Hubs and I worked a good 18 hours on them (he called me a slave driver) and they turned out perfect and at the last minuet we got them to match our programs, perfection!

Here are some shots of them:

The frames are from Hobby Lobby. The bigger one was in the middle with the smaller two on either side. The tables had the matching fabric and number. (I have a picture somewhere) The frames we so easy to make and so were the place cards, it just took some time :) I'll put a how to up here when I have some extra time! 

Happy Wedding Wednesday…half way through the week!!

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