Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Wedding Wednesday—> fl-OW-OW-ers

My next favorite thing about our wedding was the FLOWERS!!!
Let the pictures speak for themselves:

My adorable niece…love her

One of the flower girls!

Here are my flowers...

They looked so good with a white dress :) they were my "pop" of color

The girls flowers were white hydrangeas…I loved them

sisters :)

such a diva this little one...

my other niece and flower girl…how adorable?!

table flowers: spray roses, hydrangeas, tulips and a bunch of others I don't remember

Aren't wedding pictures so awkward? Like this whole vail blowing in the wind doesn't work for me...

…but the flowers do!

There you have it…Phil and I did this very last minuet, as in less than a month. The reason It took so long was because no one would meet my expectations. I knew exactly what I wanted. Light pink Peonies, white Hydrangeas, small cluster vases on the table with different types of light pink and white flowers IN budget! The hardest part was finding a company that stayed in budget…money doesn't buy happiness but it will buy you some very pretty flowers.
Don't get me wrong I haggled to stay in budget…to be honest hubs was impressed with my haggling skills. I talked him down a couple hundred doll hairs which only means ca$h in our pockets ;)

Hope you enjoyed!

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