Tuesday, August 23, 2011

DIY project

This is a very short, simple post but it's a great, easy way to dress up some plants!

Get some plants!

Then get some material, I got mine from hobby lobby…do you remember seeing it from somewhere??

Oh yaaaaaa, my jewlery picture frame holder…SAME STUFF :)
Maybe this will be next weeks DIY!

First your going to want to cut a square or two that goes a little over the top of the container, you can double up on these to give them more volume...
Next, if your plants have leaky bottoms make sure you wrap them in plastic wrap so when you water them it doesn't leak out.   

Then start wrapping whatever material you chose around them.
Make sure you choose a slightly heavier material it will give an overall better look and be easier to work with :)

I would have used my glue gun but hubs misplaced it when cleaning and I STILL can't find it. I have a whole pack of glue sticks though...

make sure when you glue you're covering it up with another piece so you can't see it

so, yes I used crazy glue, like super glue. 
If you want you can do another layer of material too.

and this is how they should look :)

place them on a table or a shelf and little pieces of cuteness :)

I love Bravo TV…my mom and pop think it rots the brain but it doesn't ;)

Go try it and let me know how it goes!

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