Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Wedding Wednesday

I love Wedding Wednesdays!
I have many many posts planned for WW and I love them all. Today is a short but wonderful, magical, princess post.
I'll give the back story :D
My mom and I spent a LOT of time together planning the wedding because my parents were my roomies. I miss them obviously but it's so very nice living with hubs. Anyway, we went wedding shoe shopping together and here's how the magic-ness happened:
So we're shopping. I see shoes.

Did you see my closet yesterday? I love shoes. I see these shoes that I have no business looking at. Jimmy Choos. They sparkle and shine and are all things lovely. I'm looking, admiring and Nanc hates my shoe addiction but she's eggs it on a little bit, "Try them on."
"What?! Is you crazy lady? It's not fair to try on things you can't have!!!" But, I did because how couldn't I? They were Jimmys'. She tells me they are too tall and I agree because hubs isn't tall.
Soooo they come in flats, flats for wedding shoes just simply isn't ok. I tried them on and no. 

Since I'm an avid shoe lover, I have seen these shoes in a medium height so I suggest. They don't have them so we make a later date for downtown.
We're downtown and I see the shoes in a perfect height. I tried them on and SHE SAID YES!!!!! I'm pretty sure I had a smile the whole way home the whole night :)

Let me show you the sparkle:

It was a little gift my momma gave me for being the best daughter EVER!! Right Nanc?
No but really thank you mom for making me so stylish, I love you!

And another little treat…the adorable flower girls wore shoes that matched my after party dress. Target for I think $15, doesn't get much cuter!

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