Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Wedding Wednesday ——> San Diego Edition ;)

Well there is a little place I found here that hosts weddings. It is nestled in the middle of Torrey Pines a beautiful state reserve.

Estancia La Jolla

They clearly do beautiful things...

I would love to be looking out my window at that aisle watching our guests seat themselves

and maybe take some pretty pictures under this...

They do the flowers themselves, aren't they lovely?!

But before the wedding you could relax with you wedding party HERE while you get your hairz and makeup did! Ahhhhh…so peaceful.

After the big day you could all meet out here for a nice breakfast and a day in the sweet sun before you leave for a fabulous honeymoon to somewhere exotic like Fiji...

 Or possibly a rehearsal dinner here...

 Wouldn't this space be perfect for an outdoor dance floor?! I can already hear "to the windows, to the wall" right now...

 Or you can stay super classy and take stunning pictures like this...

I love this place and would get married here in a second if I could do it again. Maybe we can renew our vows like tomorrow?!

HALF WAY THOUGH THE WORK WEEK…I think I'm spending the day with a friend who's playing hooky. Woo Hoo for skipping work and beaching it all day :) 
I love California!

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Are you hungry?!

I have a super yummy and EASY recipe. 
Ice cream sammy cake :) 

It looks like this
All you need is 24, yes it is 24, ice cream sandwiches
3 containers of cool whip
1 box of Oreos
a 9x13 plan

First put a layer of 12 ice cream sandwiches in the bottom of the pan. Then put a layer of cool whip on top. Crumble up some Oreos on that and REPEAT!

There you have it!

A two layer SUPER easy yummy ice cream cake :)


Monday, August 29, 2011

Lilly Day

I love Lilly! Lilly Pulitzer that is. Her cute patterns have been burning a hole in my pocket. Earlier this summer I picked up this "behind the ropes" agenda.
It has been keeping me on time and in-check with work and interviews
Then I went back and found this:
I'm not always so matchy-matchy but I love the print…reminds me of home and sailing on Lake Mich with my parents

Then I decided that I would soon have a wine night with some new girlfriends so I picked up these adorable invites, matching plates and wrapping paper.

THEN, I saw this…an older print on sale so I got my desk a "Crabtastic" facelift 

I do need this though. An address book for all my friends and families addresses we moved so far away from!

And the last two things are for my precious niece Lily :)
She loves elephants, she has her little Elly she takes everywhere with her and every time I see an elephant I think of her. I bought that plate set for her for when she comes to visit us in Cali. She loves hubs, they have this adorable relationship.
Can you see worn out Elly in the corner?!

She just couldn't be cuter.

Love Lily {Lilly} days!

Happy Monday, off to work I go!


Thursday, August 25, 2011

I would like...

Many new pairs of shoes and one particular pair of boots.

They all have quite a camel/almond theme and I like it! The nikes obviously don't, but maybe they should consider camel colored running shoes so the city worker who walks can be ever so stylish…I'm kidding that would not be cute.

After Photos...

our bedroom :) More after pics and this means only like 3 rooms left…having a small apartment is nice in some ways!!

Here is what it looked like before:

how boring?!


I hate that this looks so yellow but it's the light and the walls :( if only we could paint!

The dresser isn't as close as it looks

Of course my side is messy!

My desk with no chair so we move our "eating" chairs everywhere around the house!

does this look a little cramped to you?!

Here is our owl friend who is still unnamed!

This is Elly (reminds me of Lily everyday!)

I love this wedding gift…the people not the antlers ;)

I have really been liking these walls...

….that have painted stripes and if we could we would be doing this in our apt but we will just have to wait till next year :)
I'm counting the days till we find our own place!

On our bookshelf:
On a side note, when I was student teaching I read this book. Intwodays. I couldn't put it down. The Hunger Games. It's a "young adult novel" but seriously so good and there are two others in the sequel, one is Catching Fire and the other is Mockingjay (the blue book). Buy them and read them! 

Happy Thursday, ALMOST the weekend!