Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Sneak Peak

So I lied when I said the after pictures would be ready, they aren't but I do have a sneak peak :)

Instead, I had to post on this new lovely piece of technology that my hubs got me! Do ya love it? I do…I need to learn how to use it so I'll probably be taking some lessons from my sister in law who takes some pretty adorable action shots of her three little kiddies.


Sneakin' Peakin' time
Our Bedroom
our closet…really its one of the only organized spaces right now

Remember the "keyhole?"

Little furniture peak…I'll let you know where everything is from. AND Peep. Our pillow friend Peep, do you see him on the floor? Phil hates that pillow but I love him. I have a great spot for Peep but can't afford it yet.

For the things I don't have, like Peeps home, I'll put up some inspiration. So when the money tree gets delivered I can just go get it ;) 

The entryway
I'm waiting for one more organizer that's backordered (annoying), you will see...

Guest Room

I really love these colors :) a wall this pink or even orange would be so fun and make this room super bright

Do you remember where that is from?! I'll teach you how to make them!

closet space…all my dresses for dress up

So tomorrow is Wedding Wednesday and I'll probably tell you once a week how much I like WW but this also means I'll be posting full apartment updates on Thursday…PROMISE!
Get excited for tomorrow, I show off my favorite pair of shoes!

I leave you with this:
Our building :) We're in the north tower…the one to the left

One thing that I truly dislike about apartment living is not being able to make the space 100% yours. I mean I love, love the apartment but our first place will have pretty wall paper and paint and definitely hardwood floors :)

Have a fantastic night…I'm looking forward to a fun lunch date tomorrow with new friends! 

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