Thursday, August 4, 2011

Hardly workin'

So I found a job. Such great friends I have checking up on me and keeping me honest with my job hunt, thanks Emmie (she has two jobs so she's my motivation ;) )
It's a very simple job, a server at a yacht club on Coronado. I have worked for three days and I love it. It's fast paced and legit hard work. My upper body will be very fit in a few weeks :)

Yes. I drive to work and see this everyday. Rough life I tell ya.

Obviously mom I am still "looking" for a teaching job so don't call me and get mad about it, love you!

So our "after pictures" of the apartment might be delayed! I'll try to do a room or two in the next couple days. It's not like we have very many so it shouldn't take long!

We have a visitor this weekend and the next! Hubs youngest brother is coming in town :) We have so many fun adventures planned…there is so so much in San Diego mainly I think because we just moved here but exploring everything is awesome. I think we are going to try surfing and get some paddle boarding in and some deep sea fishing. Last time I went deep sea fishing was in the Keys with La at night. It was some serious fun after getting over the bait which is just fishes chopped right up. 

yep, thats me with the triple chin :)))

I'll be sure to be updating with some after rooms and then also with some events from the weekend!

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