Thursday, August 25, 2011

After Photos...

our bedroom :) More after pics and this means only like 3 rooms left…having a small apartment is nice in some ways!!

Here is what it looked like before:

how boring?!


I hate that this looks so yellow but it's the light and the walls :( if only we could paint!

The dresser isn't as close as it looks

Of course my side is messy!

My desk with no chair so we move our "eating" chairs everywhere around the house!

does this look a little cramped to you?!

Here is our owl friend who is still unnamed!

This is Elly (reminds me of Lily everyday!)

I love this wedding gift…the people not the antlers ;)

I have really been liking these walls...

….that have painted stripes and if we could we would be doing this in our apt but we will just have to wait till next year :)
I'm counting the days till we find our own place!

On our bookshelf:
On a side note, when I was student teaching I read this book. Intwodays. I couldn't put it down. The Hunger Games. It's a "young adult novel" but seriously so good and there are two others in the sequel, one is Catching Fire and the other is Mockingjay (the blue book). Buy them and read them! 

Happy Thursday, ALMOST the weekend!

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