Friday, August 12, 2011

Friday already!?

Here's a first look and a little DIY project from our bedroom!
The start of after picutres, YAY!

This is our room before. View from the keyhole

view of the keyhole…love the light

Now for the after:
I built this bookshelf and painted it to match the colors of our room. 
Keep reading for the DIY

I started to decorate it. We still have books and nick-nacks in boxes which I'm sure we'll add to it.

That new book "how to stay out of the dog house" has it's own back story and may even get it's own post :) It was a West Elm purchase obviously. 

This was a great birthday gift from my MOH…loves you blair

DIY Project:
So it's back to college time at all the stores which means great deals for everyone not going to college because we have jobs and money…not really but I bought this 5 tier bookshelf for $30!!
I must say it's not very sturdy but to have it for a year for $30 and I can paint it?? I am sold.

Paint (I went to Loews and got 2 Valspar paint samples for $3 each and I only used one.)
Paint roller
Paint brush
Sander (fine)
Painters tape
something to put on the ground (I cut open my WE bag from earlier that day and it worked perfect!)

I only painted the outside of the bookcase and one shelf…I had a couple options: paint the whole thing, paint the inside or paint the outside. I choose the outside. I knew I didn't want all of it painted and for a while I thought about painting the diagonal thick stripes on the outside but that was much to time consuming because I don't have those kind of skills ;) So I opted for the easy way out, the outside.

First you want to take all four outside shelves and sand them and I mean really sand them. You'll be using a fine sander so you won't really be able to tell butttttt mistakes happen when you don't sand correctly, I'll show you…

Just this one I didn't sand enough and the paint easily came off! I did double coat this one but I liked the light color of the other ones so I didn't double coat them.

When the pieces are drying I saw little fuzzies and dots on them so I took tweezers and plucked them out. You don't have to be this anal, I learned they come out over time.

I know you saw a speck of the key hole but I just cant seemed to get fully organized and if it's driving you crazy, how do you think I feel?!?
I'm giving myself the weekend to enjoy life and next week I'll hopefully have a new found motivation to get organized!

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