Monday, August 15, 2011

Lovely Bedrooms

I have some love for plain, simple rooms. When you see our room you'll understand. I like white. If I could have an all white house I would do it! No, not really but my favorite thing about white is that you can pick any other color  and it will almost never go out of style...

First of all, this is what my house will look like, bliss:

 In it would be a bedroom like one of these:

I loooove the floor, I know I said I like dark but this looks so good!  I love the wood side table, it's a perfect natural accent. The picture above the bed would be a pop of color but otherwise, I want.

I like the symmetry of this room :)

And then some guest rooms...

I can't wait to use wall paper. There is a bathroom in my parents house…bright pink wall paper. I'll have to do a "lovely bathroom" addition!

I don't love brown and blue together but the next picture, to die for!

De Gournayish wallpaper. 
I will have this even if I have to work 3 jobs and not buy shoes for a year.

I also like this bright green :) so loverly

So in our room we picked white, a pale blue, and some natural. Our walls would probably be white if I could change them and our floor would be super dark wood (this I would want throughout the house) but renters can be choosers.

Happy Monday, I have some good posts for the week so check back in!

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