Tuesday, September 13, 2011

You Skeem, I Skeem, We All Skeem for SKEEM!

Skeem candles are a must have in life. Parts of California, Arizona and Mexico experienced a blackout last Thursday night and I had just used my the last of my Skeem candle. I had no light except for my phone! It was actually very cool being in the city because we are so used to everything bright. Even at night there are lights, cities never sleep but not this night.
I didn't have an "emergency kit." Do people really? I know now I should probably get one especially when hubs is not home for the week! I had only little tea light candles and band-aids. So basically Joanna, go invest in an emergency kit and make sure to have Skeem Candles in there. They smell nice and my little itty-bitty votive had 30 hours of burn life! I recently invested in the larger ones that have 120 hours of burn life. My favorite scent is the Vintage Peony. I may be biased towards peonies but it smells so yummy and fills our whole apartment up with goodness! I am trying out some new scents and will let you know what I think!

Skeem Shop

So when this blackout hit it was very *neat*…everything was so dark it made the moon seem extra bright. I went over to my girlfriends, we hungout, kept each other company and "grilled" on a gas stove.

Some of their friends had gone hiking earlier that day and brought over these head lamps, BRILLIANT!

In the mean time I need to find other things to put in my survival emergency kit like band-aides, candles, alcohol, maybe catch phrase?? But really what even goes in an emergency kit?! Water is probably a good one…

Happy Tuesday! Don't forget to check out Missoni at Target. I have a date planned with a girlfriend tonight to hit it up :) Happy shopping! 

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