Tuesday, September 20, 2011


As hubs would say I have been OOC or out of commission…

I was running and I was also crossing the street which has proven to be very and I mean VERY dangerous. While running across the street I looked back to see if hubs was following me, and he wasn't, and right when I looked back SMACK. Yes, that is my body hitting the cement at a little bit of a downward angle and at about 43 mph because I didn't see the huge super small and pointless curb/median dividing the street.
The Aftermath:
Looking up, not even realizing what happened because it was so fast, seeing people in front of the grocery store laughing :(
If my ego wasn't bruised enough from tripping hard over a curb and losing some skin to the pavement these people were blatantly laughing at me! And then as if it literally couldn't get ANY worse I look back at hubs and HE is bent over laugh-crying (laughing so hard he's practically crying). I get up bloody and embarrassed and had to re-cross the half of the street I had just crossed only to go crying over to my unsympathetic husband red from laughing and trying to hold it in. Yes, like a 5 year old I am crying…wait till you see the pictures.
So there is an IHOP and I tell hubs I need to get in there and clean my hand because it is so so bad. From what hubs tells me I walk in crying, hold up my hands and the man just points to the bathroom. Hubs is WATCHING THIS FROM OUTSIDE (still semi laughing) because he was "too embarrassed to go in with me." Rightfully so but um you are my husband so you're not really allowed to be embarrassed.

I personally think the lesson learned here is be nice to your wife and follow her even if she leads you into traffic, right?? Which is what my hubs should have done and then I wouldn't have looked back and ate cement.

Take a little look for yourself:


This is what it looks like today and it happened on Saturday…

Thankfully the people I babysit for, the mom works in a doctors office and has lots of supplies at her house so when I showed up yesterday morning she took care of me and my poor little hand that I thought was infected because it was black. She informed me it was the pavement and my body would just work it out :) 

****Just for a side note, the reason this all happened, the reason I even looked back is because hubs is scared to cross the street not at a crosswalk. It's always been a thing with him and I feel like he has a hidden secret scare with the street when he was little and now he will only cross the street at crosswalks where it is for-sure safe.

PS come read tomorrow…it's something cool

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