Friday, September 16, 2011


I have always loved to read. I think I get it from my mom who reads too much for her own good. So much so that she'll be reading a book, be halfway through and realize she's already read it. I would imagine if my mom bought all the books she read she would have a space like this:

right mom?!
Since I'm such a good daughter, I would help her organize her books into a bookshelf that would look like any of the following:

such a cute room

I love built-ins

secret hideaway

I love how clean this looks :)

So cool for a basement or small apartment

I would take any of these book spaces for my own!

I have recently realized how all over my taste in books is. As of late I have read I am Number Four, Matched, Something Borrowed, Something Blue, and the latest A Game of Thrones. I have become completely engrossed in this book. I also found out there is a show and three more books :) I'll take a break in between the series because I have other books on my list.
I can't wait to watch the HBO show for A Game of Thrones :)

Happy Weekend!!

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