Friday, September 2, 2011

Here Comes Fall!!

Things I will miss about the midwest: Seasons

I am loving the new fall trends but I just don't know how it works here in SoCal yet. Like do we wear boots with skinny jeans and big chunky sweaters?? Yes please! So, until I know how Fall and the other "seasons" work I'll just dream of all the fall things I would be wearing at home while watching the pretty leaves change color…we don't get that hear, can you even believe that?? Silly palm trees!

2. Alexis Bittar bangles perfect colors for a Mizzou football game :)
3. Lyla I know I already posted these but I need them

I think I can get away with ponchos on the cooler days and the silk bow blouse and printed Edelman's are a must have but coats…probably not :(

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