Friday, September 9, 2011

Missoni for Target

I have to say I'm not a super huge fan of Missoni. I like it but I don't absolutely LOVE it like I do other designers. The collection will be at Target for about a month and it's definitely getting a lot of buzz. It is about 400 pieces of clothes, home, and outdoor and there are a couple things I already like!

this bike :)
Obviously I still want the Lily P. cruiser but this is still cute. I know I will be seeing it in Pacific Beach…it's kinda "hippy chic"

I will be getting this suit :)

I love this little girl outfit

I like this patio furniture :) especially for a small porch like ours, it's perfect!

So very cute…too bad I can't wear heels to work!

This is what caught my eye from the collection…I didn't see any of their "home" products beside the furniture that I loved. I think they have things for the bathroom and kitchen too.
The collection is out the 13th.
Happy Friday!!

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