Thursday, September 1, 2011

Blaze it upppp

So there are many things I love about San Diego and I'm finding more and more everyday like this little gem where me and two girlfriends ate next to Ali and Roberto from the Bachelorette. Ya, you read that right…but don't worry, we weren't the girls who asked her for a a picture we were the creepy girls trying to sneakily take pictures.

So this is the place, The Blazin Grill. 

This is the acai bowl…it has become a problem in my life. It is DE-LISH and I have gotten one each day since we left that yummy place. 

It is great for you, the perfect breakfast/lunch, and super hard to pronounce.

There is a downside to this tasty treat, it gets in ALL OVER your mouth in your little teeth crevasses and turns your lips blue…only eat with girlfriends or hubs who will tell you where these sneaky specks try to hide.

Almost Friday! Have a lovely, happy day 

PS Is it September already?! Yikes!

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