Wednesday, September 28, 2011

I keep forgetting...

about Wedding Wednesday! Sorries! One thing we missed on our wedding was eating cake!! We only got to taste it when we had the first bite which is a story all in itself. Our cake was so yummy and we even broke into our 1 year cake early just to have some!

wait why didn't anyone explain how to do this?!?

I guess we'll just cut it???

 I had no idea where the plate was or how we were supposed to "feed" each other the cake sooooooo... 

this is what happened...

love you hubs :) 

This is when we got into the top that is supposed to be saved for the one year anniversary. We shared it with my grandma, aunt, and mom. My grandma still talks about our wedding whenever I talk to her and says she wants to do it again because she had so much fun :) Thanks g-ma
Happy Wednesday
 I made something I saw on Pintrest…can't wait to share tomorrow!


  1. I love that you fed him off of the cake server, so original! Your cake was so simple & elegant :)

  2. thanks!
    I had no choice :) I got nervous haha


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