Wednesday, September 21, 2011

We're FAMOUS!!

Obviously not really but hubs and my relationship will be "featured" on Long Distance Loving :) a very cute blog that needs to be checked out, especially today*! We have been dating for like, ever and it hasn't always been roses and cupcakes…but it's fun to share our little love story with others :)

Happpppppyyyyyyyyy Wednesday!


  1. Joanna! Hi! Just saw your post on Long Distance Loving and had no idea you were a blogger, love seeing you and Phil featured. Hope all is well! xoxo

  2. Very inspiring darling! I'm currently in a LDR and it is so encouraging to hear about other couples that have been there done that.


  3. Hi Joanna, just saw your post on LDL and wanted to stop by. I am a mili-spouse too and my hubby and I had a LDR until we were married for almost a year and a half! (We dated long distance, then he left went to Iraq for 15 months right after we got married). And now we are new transplants to California from the east coast (you can see why your post pulled me in!) It certainly does make your relationship stronger. Good luck!


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