Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Lets Get Trendy

In my dream home I would have chevron. I feel like I have seen it a lot lately and I like it. Just a little here or there, not everywhere ;)

Something like this:

Chev wood flooring

Lovely neutral chev rug

I would love this room/floor minus the chest thing to the left

A little boys room, in a hallway, maybe even a cool bathroom?!

This is such a perfect little girls room. I mean I love pink but I love these gray walls and baby blue chev rug with the pink accents.


Not my favorite

Love the colors :)

Can I have this in my shower please?

And for my own personal style:

How cool is this?!
And I definitely need to invest in a suit like this. A couple weekends ago I was tossed by a wave boogie boarding with phil (aren't we so cool?)…guess what slipped down? Yes, my bottoms. Luckily I pulled those suckers back up before I stood up. Otherwise it could have been ugly.

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